Since its 2008 emergence, the We-Vibe has enhanced bedroom intimacy and fun for millions of couples worldwide. As a near-assumed accessory to romantic relationships in over 50 countries, spanning every continent, today the We-Vibe is the world’s most popular vibrator for two. While most erotic toys are intended for use by one individual and take as their goal an effortless climax, the We-Vibe was inspired by and designed specifically to bring couples closer together, by encouraging the biological triumph of mutually satisfying the desires of both man and woman through fusing them together in deep physical and emotional intimacy. In fact, mutual desire and pleasure is the core philosophy of the We-Vibe all the way down to its invention…

Finding nothing in their vast search for romantic gifts for couples, the inventors of the We-Vibe--engineer Bruce Murison and his wife, Melody—together took on the mission of creating a massager that they could use together and be incorporated into the bedroom without intimidating or isolating the congress of their love. Rooting themselves in their home in Ottawa, Bruce and Melody organized their journey under the name “Standard Innovation Corporation” and fully devoted themselves to enhancing the intimate potential of their own relationship, as well as the relationships of couples the world over.

After years of brainstorming and testing, they finally created it: The We-Vibe. The We-Vibe is a patented, silicone-encased, u-shaped vibrator for couples. Two perfectly proportioned vibrating ends are connected by a slender arm with just the right amount of agility to hold the We-Vibe gently inside her, while leaving plenty of room for him to slide inside and share the pleasure.

The We-Vibe is optimized in the most intimate positions, so couples feel the direct relationship between pleasure and connectedness. As Bruce and Melody believe, intimacy is more than just sexual pleasure and emotional security. True intimacy is the relationship that exists between two people because they have worked to lace together pleasure and security—realizing that one cannot reach its potential without the other. And this is reflected in the physical positions through which couples literally connect.

The We-Vibe is Perfect for Couples

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