Ideas for Women

With your partner, locate the tip of the We-Vibe that is not marked by dimples. Insert the bulbous tip into the vagina until the curve in the We-Vibe prevents it from going any further. The ridged underbelly of the We-Vibe should be directly on the g-spot. The other bulbous tip of the We-Vibe--the tip that does have dimples--will naturally form itself up and around the clitoris, the strong yet flexible silicone hugging itself around the pleasure points in a secured, stable position. After inserting and securing the We-Vibe, your hands are free to embrace your partner as you wish. The We-Vibe is specially designed to remain in place during penile-vaginal penetration in the missionary position (man-on-top). The ridges of the We-Vibe will massage the g-spot, clitoris and shaft of the penis as you connect with your partner and come to climax together in the most intimate of ways.