How to Operate the We-Vibe (On/Off, High/Low)

To activate your We-Vibe device, once again locate the two dimples at the (thicker, external) tip of the device. These dimples mark the internal switch that controls whether your We-Vibe is off, on/low, or on/high. At the center position, the switch will be off. Using one finger, apply pressure to the right dimple, moving it left. This will turn the We-Vibe on/low. Again using your finger, apply pressure to the left dimple to move the switch two notches to the right. This is the maximum vibrational speed of your We-Vibe and will afford you and your partner the ultimate in shared, intimate pleasure. The clitoris, g-spot, and penis will all be massaged while you and your partner can truly focus on the connection that comes with the experience of pleasure.